Self love starts with loving self.

Health Inspires Beauty - was started back in 2015 with an initial intention of “health inspiring the beauty within us”. It was originally about living and loving life. As I (Jas) began this journey of what now is my true passion and purpose, I did not know that health inspires beauty was going to ignite my true calling. Self love and teaching that by loving and unfolding into myself daily.


HIB (Health Inspires Beauty) is about me and all women and men alike. It’s me looking in the mirror at myself and loving on that individual. It’s us exposed and baring it all. It’s us knowing who we are or not and being okay with that. It is us asking ourselves the hard questions, not surface level, but deep soul searching work. It’s what keeps us motivated and striving to accomplish our goals. Health Inspires Beauty is life in action as we love on self.

To back up, my best friend (Janise) and I, who is also part of the brand were actually working on a project and throwing ideas out and somehow I said” health inspiration, beauty”. Instantly my mind thought, health does inspire beauty, but she said it out loud, “health does inspire beauty”. So in that exact moment everything I had been doing as far as health and wellness clicked. I had found exactly what it was that I was looking to share with people. Health Inspires Beauty birthed itself into a mantra.

At that time in 2015 I had been through my fair share of struggles, if that be weight, career, or even relationships problems, but I learned 1 thing, I was the common denominator in every equation. My happiness and joy were in my control. I wanted to rid myself of negative energy, negative people, negative ways and just negative thoughts. I can sit here and go down a list of ways that happened, but in reality, it was me, choosing myself, fighting for myself and loving myself. Having pure joy and happiness was an inside job. When I tapped into that in 2015 Health Inspires Beauty was honestly a hobby in the sense that I would host events, I would share this message, but it wasn’t really me going all in.

In 2017 my brother, Daniel Kirk, committed suicide and when that happened I knew I no longer had time to just tap at this topic of self love or self care and practicing daily love, but tell everyone the importance of them needing to do this, NOW! His life literally was the foundation shaker that I needed to say, it’s time to go all the way in and give 100% of me to me every single day. That 100% was and is always to myself, but wanting to help others reach this level of “health inspiring beauty” was on such a deeper level. Life became about making that impact, leaning in and helping others. When we have this topic of health it breaks down to a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level radiating outwardly. The inner work we need to do daily is so important.

I'm not nearly the same person as I was 3 years ago and neither is any of us. We grow, we learn, we live! Now I’m teaching others exactly what I teach myself. So this business that I am building is based on me walking in my God given purpose. For me, that looks like motivational speaking, sharing the importance of yoga, mediation, prayer and doing all the things I love.


I live the life I deserve because I believe I deserve.

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