Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

If asked this question, how would you respond? Do you have a daily routine? Do you realize the importance of a daily routine?

Research suggests the positive impact that daily routine has on our lives, if that be; career, health, fitness, etc. Everyones' routine can look and feel completely different. For some that is getting up an 1hr earlier, to read, meditate, or jump start their day with a little physical activity. For others waking up 15 minutes earlier helps them tackle their day perfectly. Whatever is best for you, do it.

This "daily routine" is your time that you can be completely & utterly selfish with shutting the rest of the world out. No digital distraction like phones, social media, television! Just yourself, preparing to have a successful day. Will you see a difference the moment you start, yes!

Being prepared is important for your mind, body, & spirit. In order to be successful in whatever you are pursuing, you must be prepared. There is no secret antidote for success, but our practices & behaviors we display daily. You are not just preparing yourself for the current day, but the days to come.