Mind over Mileage 15-Minute Workout

This exercise routine was designed to be done in 15 minutes in the morning

as many times as possible. The main goal is to perform each maneuver using good form. You can adjust the repetitions if necessary. (Don't cheat yourself treat yourself) If you get tired pause take a breather and get back at it. If you execute these exercises on a daily basis I promise you will see a huge improvement in your gym workouts. -25 push-ups or "modified" *butt down, back flat, hands shoulder width apart* -25 sit-ups -20 squats *arms straight out in front of you* *squat down 90 degrees and push up through heels & tighten core as you rise* -25 diamond push-ups or "modified" -26 flutter kicks *place hands right under butt to give you a slight lift off floor* -26 standing alternating lunge -20 crossover push-ups or "modified" -20 full-body sit-ups -8 single leg hip raise.*Left leg then right followed by 12 reps both legs same time.* -20 offset push-ups *one hand further out than the other.* -26 side plank hip raise *13 per side* -25 Lung squats *hands on top of head* -Repeat circuit