That's how you keep the juices flowing.

How does someone who decided to do this crazy thing called own their own business do it?Well they go crazy and then come back to reality. Just kidding... Owning your own business is like having a baby, you know when they say, there will be sleepless nights and days you want to through in the towel. There are definitely days like this, but your passion out weighs the tough times. You live to see another day, you remember your purpose is much bigger than any problem currently presented to you. The journey is the most rewarding part. I decided to share a major tip in staying on track, HABIT. Your habits are going to be the most important aspect.

Most people don't realize it, but a lot of the decisions we make are more from habit than consciously choosing. You make hundreds of decisions a day and you do not even know it. Don't start panicking-like, "so my habits got me where I am right now?" Yes, they did, but that does not mean you can't change. Be gentle with yourself. The same habits that took years to show up consistently, take time to revert. It's about recognizing at least one habit you want to get rid of and focus. When you do that, you begin to work on all the other habits that help aid maintaining that one specific habit. Example, I ran a marathon last year, I had a habit of going out on weekends and drinking. Well in order to train for a marathon unfortunately drinking on Saturdays when you have long runs is literally not a thing. For starters deciding to train for 26.2 miles took dedication and focus. I began by creating a schedule and sticking to it. Then I had to decide what was worth keeping in my life during training and what wasn't. I had to stay dedicated to my rest, eating, running schedule, and recovery just to be at my best state of health. My decision to run a marathon was solely to master something I loved. The process made me love running more and also realized drinking, I didn't enjoy so much, but I learned what worked best for my body. That "habit" changed. I trained for approximately 5 months and it was the best time of my life. I feel in love with the process, my body, and learning that your mind is such a powerful tool.

When you focus and decide to change, do not resist change. Allow yourself to be who you are meant to be in that moment. Yes I became the friend who went out and drank water. At first it was weird, but every morning when I woke up feeling amazing it was worth it. I also became the person who randomly ran 15 & 16 miles and was burning 1000s of calories.

I could share all these "habits of successful people", but I want you to know, you are a successful person who has something to offer the world. So pick something in your life you want to work on and simply begin to focus on changing just that one thing.

Because the journey of 26.2 miles begins with one step.