The Secret to Goal Setting!

Set Goals.

Stay quiet about them.

Smash the shit out of them.

Clap for your damn self.


Have you ever set milestone goals? Well you should, Janise set out on a journey to accomplish a few awesome things before she turns 30. Guess what she's not even 30 and she has already checked all of them off her list. How you ask? Psssstttt...she wrote them down. Crazy right?!! The age old secret of writing your goals down, still works.

When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you: this means making sure that they are important to you, and that there is value in achieving them. If you have little interest in the outcome, or they are irrelevant given the larger picture, then the chances of you putting in the work to make them happen are slim. Motivation is key to achieving goals.

Set goals that relate to the high priorities in your life. Without this type of focus, you can end up with far too many goals, leaving you too little time to devote to each one. Goal achievement requires commitment, so to maximize the likelihood of success, you need to feel a sense of urgency and have an "I must do this" attitude. When you don't have this, you risk putting off what you need to do to make the goal a reality. This in turn leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated with yourself, both of which are de-motivating. And you can end up in a very destructive "I can't do anything or be successful at anything" frame of mind.

To make sure that your goal is motivating, write down why it is valuable and important to you. Ask yourself, "If I were to share my goal with others, what would I tell them to convince them it was a worthwhile goal?" You can use this motivating value statement to help you if you start to doubt yourself or lose confidence in your ability to actually make the goal happen.

Most importantly WRITE IT DOWN! The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. You have no excuse for forgetting about it.