You are Your Home!

You know when people say, "home is where the heart is"? Yea, there is a reason, because it is true. Your home, your habits, your foundation is important, it sits at your core. We can not pour from empty cups, so we must consistently take care of self first.

How you love yourself, matters! That same love you give out translates and comes back to you. I don't know about you, but I want amazing love, so I love with my whole heart and that starts with loving all of me, even my insecurities. Take your house, apartment, condo, you name it; that space (though it be physical), is extremely important because you have an opportunity to create your own little oasis that you can escape to. For me, I was very conscious in deciding on a new apartment. The location mattered for the lifestyle I wanted to live. Then came the interior, what I filled my space with I knew was a direct reflection of who I was. I started with my Pinterest board and it came to life. From the paint on my walls, to my huge plants, every part of my home I put my heart in. When people come over they tend to use calming or warming words. I remember my mom called and said "your home looks so clean and peaceful". My response was simple, "it is". That makes me smile, which helps my mental and emotional states because, I tend to wake up in a better mood. I find myself dancing around my apartment often as fresh, natural light peaks in.

Designing a cozy home isn’t just about on-point aesthetics. Have you ever thought about how your home actually makes you feel? Interior designers and therapists alike believe home design influences your well-being and emotions, and can even exacerbate your anxiety and stress levels.

Whether you are facing clinical anxiety or situational stress, creating a peaceful living space is a great first step toward preventing—and managing—stressful emotions.