You have a million dollars in your head and it's your job to get it out!

How? Take it one day at a time!

Today I shared a post on content creation by Gary Vee on Instagram. If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, let me begin by saying he is a successful entrepreneur and huge inspiration to many when it comes to business while openly speaking on just following your dreams and aspirations. One of the biggest messages that I took away was "document vs. create". Simply start documenting and stop just trying to create. You ever had a business plan that you needed to write, but haven't because you are perfectly preparing all the information vs. just writing as you go and editing that document. Your mind is such a creative space, but it is time to document all those thought. Yeah, that's document vs. create.

I tend to see Gary share a lot of videos on value, uniqueness, or just starting. It's like so many people are trying to figure out how are they different. "How is it that what I am doing is going to make a difference". Every video you see the belief switch that has to click for the people asking the questions or needing advise . Even for myself, I had to believe in myself more than others believed in me. Ask yourself these questions: Would I 100% bet on me? Would I buy what I am selling? Do I believe in me with all of me? It's cool if you instantly say yes, but know you don't because the lies you tell me don't matter. I challenge you to honestly answer those questions. I am going to be as transparent, until I understood how to be my own biggest fan, I was half doing everything I said I wanted to do. I was 50% tapping at everything vs. full force being all in. I am thankful for the people who noticed and grateful for the experience, but I spent so much time wasting and creating the perfect scenarios in my head. I had to understand my value, believe that I was one of one. No matter how many people have, had, or will have a similar idea, mine is still worth while. You give value to your dreams and aspirations. So the difference between where you are and where you want to be is YOU. I am sorry if you are looking for another answer, but your are the secret sauce.

I leave you with this task. Start creating small obtainable goals that you document. I do not mean document in just writing down the idea, but if you dance, make a dance video. If you want to share inspirational messages, record inspirational messages. You have perfected the idea of "it" Just start making it happen.