Your Path is Your Own

I know someone told you that if you follow all these rules and take each step one at a time you would make it. I want you to remember that is their path, their steps, their way. Your journey has not been traveled, it’s still a daily exploration unfolding. Sometimes that unfolding is scary as hell, but you have to trust the universe and believe. The universe is you, your heart, desires, and thoughts in their clearest form. Thoughts become things, like attracts like. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and just focus on what you do. You have enough.

You are enough. Remember that stability comes from within, as long as you set yourself free from chaos. Let go of doubts, uncertainties, and situations that bring you anxiety. Build something long lasting; something that can't be taken from you, no matter how rough life gets. What you need is very simple, so don't complicate it.